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Reclaim your Health, Live Well and Age Gracefully with Confidence, In Better Health and Increased Vitality!

What would you do to reclaim your health?

You know you should be doing things to improve your health and well-being like; eating healthier, drinking more water, reducing your stress levels, exercising regularly more, but you either don’t have the motivation or you don’t have a plan to break free from your situation.

 Right now, you’re probably tired and desperately want to make a change in your life, BUT you’re feeling  overwhelmed with the process. 

Or, maybe you’re doing great with exercise, but need a bit of guidance with knowing what to look for when changing your eating habits or support and accountability with making lifestyle changes and sticking with new habits.    

Or, maybe you’re afraid you’ll fail for what feels like the millionth time or that you’ll fall off the wagon…Again! Because you’ve DONE IT ALL and nothing worked.  

I get it. I meet you where you are… And,

You’re not alone this time. I’ve helped many women that felt just like you are feeling now! I can help you too. I meet you where you are and walk with you, guiding you step by step throughout your journey.  

You don’t have to live another day feeling overwhelmed and frustrated… waiting and wondering what to do feel good again, or how to do it.  I will show you EXACTY what to do, answer your questions and hold you accountable to your commitment.  It’s absolutely possible for you to start your health journey today, right now!

 You can reclaim your life immediately by making the decision today! What do you say…

Are you ready to rejuvenate your mind and body and let go of the things that are keeping you from Living Well and aging gracefully in better health and increased vitality so that you can enjoy living again – doing the things you enjoy, on your terms?      

Take a moment to Imagine Your Life in just 12 weeks

Imagine what life can be like…

Renew You™

Restore your metabolism, lose stubborn weight, and improve hormone and gut health


Master the art of mindfulness, self-awareness the power of letting go of the things that do build you up


Nourish your mind with postivie thoughts and new perspectives on life


Create and cultivate experiences that enhance in the way you think, look and feel about yourself

The Path to a Healthy Mind and Body Has Never Been More Clear…

There's a better way...

It’s a path that will not only show you the way obtain vibrant health through diet and lifestyle adjustments,  but you will also learn how to maintain your results by tapping into your inner strength, while managing your stress and setting new goals. 

You’ll learn ways to continue to improve your health and well-being by disengaging from negative thought patterns and unhealthy, self-sabotaging behavior using an integrated approach focusing on holistic health using Mindful Mastery™ and CALM™ for stress awareness and management along with other strategies and techniques to help keep you focused on on track.  

And the great thing is…you’ll begin to see results right away! More importantly, as you are in the process of transforming your mind and body, you will be more confident in your ability to continue on the path of healing and health.  

No more waiting or wondering… 

Now is the time for you to reclaim your health, and life so you can finally achieve enhanced focus and clarity, increased energy, better sleep, reduced stress, improved digestion, stabilized blood sugar, and relief from hormone imbalances and other related symptoms.   

I have been training with Rachel for a couple of years now and her training methods have proven very effective. She has helped me achieve my short-term goals and help me structure my long-term goals as well. She reinforces the fundamentals with more than just the workouts in the gym. She has taught me more about nutrition, and overall lifestyle, to not only achieve and surpass my fitness goals but to maintain them for life because it is also a mindset. The proper mindset to focus my efforts into the workouts, maintain only the most effective & optimal habits, and reduce any sense of feeling overwhelmed along my fitness journey. I'm very fortunate to have met her and for her to guide me on my fitness and wellness journey."

Discover the Hidden Secret to Aging Gracefully in Optimal Health and Increased Vitality

Choose your Path: I offer a complete, integrated approach to your health and well-being.  Here’s an overview of what to expect and the areas we’ll cover on your journey.  Not sure what path to take? Schedule your free 30-minute session, we will discuss what is not working in your life, what could work, and how you can move forward with health in mind both physically and mentally.

  • Establish healthy boundaries and habits   that nourish your mind and body for optimal health with Mindset Rest™ and Mindful Mastery™ 
  • Overcome negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and stress triggers that drive your emotions and  behavior with CALM™
  • Discover how food and stress affects your metabolism, hormones, gut health and overall emotional/physical        well-being with Gut Feeling™
  • Reconnect, rejuvenate and bring your mind and body  in balance with Self-Love™ and Renew You™ with Metabolic Balance® 
  • Professional guidance  and accountability coaching
  • Support, empowerment, inspiration, and encouragement 
  • Resources, strategies and techniques to help you adopt and maintain a healthy mind, body and lifestyle

1:1 Coaching , Group Coaching, Self-Guided options are available.  

...and so much more.

I'm here to guide you along the way...

Shezzfit Rachael Hultz Holistic Health Coach

Hello! I'm Rachael!

I have always been passionate about helping people take control of their most precious asset – THEIR HEALTH. In a world filled with misinformation, my goal is to become your beacon of hope.

I’ve sat right in the same place you’re sitting in now, and I can assure you that it DOES get easier and life gets better!  

People have told me that learning how to achieve health naturally has been the most transformational experience in their lives. You are capable of reclaiming your health and wellness. That’s what I’m here for, you won’t have to get through it alone this time.  I want this for you because you deserve to Live Well Now!

Schedule your free 30-minute session today and get started on the right foot so that you feel empowered moving forward with an actionable plan that works for YOU!

Different Ways We Can Work Together

work with me

Get personal coaching sessions to assist you with your most difficult mindset, health & fitness challenges!

group coaching

Connect with others and Live Well together with group guided coaching in a supportive and inspiring community!

self-guided Programs

Learn your own pace with plenty of tools, information and resources to get started and keep you on the right track!
Get personalized, 1:1 coaching to help you transform your life and experience true health and wellness!

What others are saying...

The World Greatest Trainer


You have never given us less of 200% in encouraging and motivating us to obtain healthy goals in our lifestyles... each day you take time to ask how are we feeling, what did we eat last night and what did we eat this morning... you always extends to us better ways to eating correctly and suggesting natural remedies and herbal supplements to enhancing and improving our quality of working out...

You have gone beyond just training us. Your Love for people FAR exceeds your Training... but yet they both work hand in hand. Had it not been for you in our lives we would be Ship wrecked but you tick time to throw us out a LIFE LINE...

Nathan is much happier. His attitude and focus on better eating, school work and getting to you to train with him... and I can walk again. You have given us both HOPE... THANKS FOR PUSHING us beyond what we felt we could do... in the midst of our workout you CARE enough to take time to say "ARE YOU OKAY?"

Sometimes we wonder where do yo come up with ALL THE WORKOUT EXERCISES they are not in the playbook... it amazes me how you can workout with us both at the same time and still be on top of your Game. You never miss a count... there have been many days I have eft out the Gym after Training with you CRYING because you took time to hep me from crawling to walking... my next goal is to run again and with you I KNOW I WILL...

Annette and Nathan Pereira

Your health and well-being is vital to so many different bodily functions.

It’s time to make a change. The right path to get your health on track is with a healthy mindset first which would in turn lead to a healthier body.

Get Ready To Kick Your Sugar Cravings To The Curb

          You’ll get:

  • Delicious, nourishing recipes your family will love!                                                                        (Plus yummy snack suggestions!)
  • Grocery checklist and suggested meals!
  • Emails filled with tips and support to keep you going!
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