Get Your Mojo Back! 30-Day Fitness Challenge


30-Day Fitness Challenge (March 27-April 25)

Get your MOJO Back!

Get to your Fitness Goal Faster with SECRET STRATEGIES Personal Trainers use to Train Smarter! – Not Harder, Longer, or More!

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside the challenge:

  • ⁣4 Weekly Challenges + Coaches Corner
  • How to Plan, Create, Build and Adjust your Exercise program and Routine Step-by-Step using the 3R Method
  • The four most important types of exercises you need and how to incorporate them into your program and workout routine
  • How workouts like HIIT and Tabata increase stress on the body, making it difficult to lose fat
  • The three Must Have Workouts you need and how to use them to maximize your results.
  • The 5 biggest workout mistakes that will prevent you from losing body and how to avoid them
  • The four phases of a workout and why you need them as part of your exercise program
  • The best type of workout(s) to do for your body type
  • The most effective type of workout for shaping, toning and firming
  • What is the best time of day to work out for your to maximize your results, and why
  • How to stay motivated and keep your workouts interesting, so you don’t get bored
  • How to get back on track if you fall off without feeling guilty (even if you think you can’t)
  • How tracking your progress can help with motivation and what you can do to stay focused on your goal(s)



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