Renew You™
3 & 30-Day Fitness Challenge

Get Started, Get Back on Track, Customize your Workouts/Routine and Get your MOJO Back!

July 11 - August 10

(Suitable for All Shapes, Sizes & Fitness Levels)

Are You Up For The Challenge?

Reaching your Fitness Goals has Never Been Easier!

so you can LIVE WELL in Better Health and Increased Vitality! 

3-30 Minute Workouts,
3 Days/Week for 30 Days

It’s no secret that regular exercise and proper nutrition is a must if you want to get rid of those pesky pounds but finding the time to make it a priority and knowing what type of exercises and workout routine is best for your goal, in the midst of an already jam-packed schedule can be overwhelming, and easier said than done. Just like You’re Unique, your workout program and routine should be unique too!

When you Join the 3 & 30-Day Fitness Challenge, you’ll go from lost, overwhelmed and bored to empowered, inspired, in control and Prepared to CRUSH your fitness goals – In Just 30 days!  

  • You will learn the best kept SECRET STRATEGIES Personal Trainers use to  Design, Build, and Adjust YOUR Fitness Program and Workout Routine  to help you lose fat and get to your fitness goal(s) Faster! 
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting, starting over, or if you’ve been exercising for a while; knowing the what’s, when’s and how’s of a Personalized Fitness Training Program can make the difference in how fast you see results, or not.

No more guessing about what type of exercises or workouts to do, and how often you should do them, or asking your friends and people you don’t know on social media about WHAT WORKED FOR THEM! 

Learn the Tricks of the Trade and get to your goal faster WITHOUT FEELING OVERWHELMED OR DEFEATED with YOUR FAP (Fitness Action Plan), CREATED BY YOU, FOR YOU – That Works!  

After all…

WHO KNOWS MORE ABOUT YOU, your fitness goals, health, lifestyle, medical history, past/present injuries, interest, dislikes, habits, and schedule, etc., THAN YOU?! 

Create, Build, Design, and Workout with YOUR Personalized  Fitness Plan, Exercise Program and Workout Routine that you Designed! 

No More Random Workouts and Random Results

Who is this challenge for?

The 30-Day Fitness Challenge is for you if…

It's Not for you if...

Train Smarter!-Not Harder, Longer, or More!

So you can Lose Body and Belly Fat, Sleep better, Feel Energized, Improve your Mood and Appearance, and More…

When you Learn the SECRET STRATEGIES Personal Trainers’ use to…

Jumpstart your Fat Loss and Get to your Fitness Goal Faster!

Create, Build, and Design, YOUR Personalized  Fitness Plan, Exercise Program and Workout Routine using the SAME SECRET STRATEGIES Personal Trainer’s Use to Accelerate Fat Loss, Increase Flexibility, and Build Lean Muscle – That Work! 

AND use it to Workout, you’ll be Amazed at how fast you reach your fitness goals and see Results by doing…

3-30 Minute Workouts,
3 Days/Week for 30 Days

Imagine what it would be like to ...

GET IN SHAPE, LIVE WELL, and ENJOY LIFE using the SAME SECRET STRATEGIES Personal Trainer's Use to Accelerate Fat Loss, Increase Flexibility, and Build Lean Muscle

3-30 Minute Workouts,
3 Days/Week for 30 Days

Let’s face it, there is a lot of information and misinformation about the ins-and-outs of fitness, exercising, working out (whatever you want to call it) – what to do, AND what not to do, when it comes to reaching your fitness goals like, improving your overall health,  losing fat and building muscle while getting in shape. 

And nothing is worse than following a random exercise routine that DOESN’T WORK! 

Am I Right?  

Sure, you may lose some weight (not fat) in the beginning, but what happens 


  • You Lose your MOJO-VATION
  • You get SICK or INJURED 
  • The workouts are to HARD
  • You get BORED with your current  routine and don’t know how to adjust your program

Lucky for you, I got a solution!

If you are serious about GETTING IN SHAPE  and you are just starting out, starting over, feeling lost and overwhelmed and don’t know what to do, OR you want to lose fat, improve your overall  health and TAKE THE GUESS WORK OUT of  Reaching your Fitness Goal so you can Lose Body Fat the Right Way and Keep it Off, Build  Lean Muscle, and More…

YOU need a Personalized Fitness Program to get you there!

Not just any program. YOUR Program!  One that is created and designed solely based on your fitness goal, fitness level, body type, current health, and lifestyle.

Did you know that…

  • Certain types of workouts can interfere with your progress and prevent you from reaching your fitness goal(s) depending on your health status and fitness level 
  • Doing the same workout over and over again will increase your risk of injury and cause you Plateau
  • Workouts like HITT and Tabata Are not recommended for ALL Fitness Levels and should be avoided if you’re not “in shape” due to the sudden increase you heart rate and increase risk of injury, YET many fitness challenges and exercise programs use these types of workouts as a ONE-SIZE-FITS -ALL-APPROACH 
  • Some exercises and routines work better than others, depending on your body-type
  • Copying someone else’s program and routine may work for a while, but WHAT WORKS for others MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU! 
  • Only Training your “Mirror Muscles” leads to Overtraining – increased muscle soreness, plateaus, boredom, and injury. 

 It’s True! 

These are just a few examples of why you NEED A Personalized Workout Plan and Routine if you are serious about reaching your goal(s).

Go from lost, struggling, overwhelmed, and bored to empowered, inspired, motivated and Ready to CRUSH your fitness goals in no time…

Boost your Confidence, get your FITMOJO back! 

Sign Up for the 3 & 30-Day Fitness Challenge Today! 

Discover the SECRET STRATEGIES Personal Trainer’s use to Create and Build Your Exercise Program and Workout Routine – That Work!

3-30 Minute Workouts,
3 Days/Week for 30 Days

  • Finally lose those pesky pounds and keep them off
  • Create a workout that is fun, doable and sustainable 
  • Know EXACTLY how to exercise and what to do to lose body fat build muscle (not including nutrition) and keep it off
  • Build Lean Muscle and Lose Body Fat while you Learn how to adjust your program to get the results you’ve been waiting for
  • Finally have a  solid step-by-step fitness plan to follow that is unique to you, your goals and body type
  • Feel more energized throughout the day and sleep better at night
  • Improve your overall health and fitness 
  • And, more…

When you sign up for the 3 & 30-Day Fitness Challenge, you’ll learn how to get the results you’ve been working for!

I will teach you EXACTLY what  people pay me thousands of dollars to do! 


You Read that Right! 

I WILL share with you the SECRET STRATEGIES and tips, I and other Personal Trainers use to help you reach your fitness goals without feeling lost, overwhelmed, frustrated and defeated! 

You’ll be Inspired, Empowered, and Motivated to stay focused to reach your  fitness goals!

  • No more searching YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok looking for exercises, or doing random workout programs like 1000’s squats a day to get a bigger booty-btw squats make your legs bigger, not your butt)
  • No more Mountain Climbers – What is this exercise good for anyway? Or burpees, jump squats, bicycle crunch, mountain climbers jump lunges, pushups, or jumping jacks (until you’re ready, or  you’re an athlete) 
  •  No wandering around the gym looking lost and doing endless hours of cardio   
  • No more guessing about what type of exercises or workouts to do, and how often you should do them.
  • No more listening to Bro Science from Mr. Fine and Flexin’ in the mirror at the gym! 
You’ll Develop a Fitness Mindset and Build your Confidence by having a Fitness Plan and Road Map that will help you to lose body and belly fat, build a bigger booty, tone your arms and legs, and define your AB and More!

You'll learn EXACTLY How to use the SECRET STRATEGIES Personal Trainer's use to Create and Build Your Exercise Program and Fitness Routine - That Work! 

Are you up for the challenge?!

Discover the #1 Workout you need to Accelerate your Fat Loss

3-30 Minute Workouts,
3 Days/Week for 30 Days

When you Join the 3 & 30-Day Fitness Challenge, you will learn EXACTLY How to design, build, and adjust your fitness program and workout routine to get results using the STRATEGIES I use to help my clients lose body fat, build lean muscle, improve their health and fitness levels and so much more!

When you join the 3 & 30 – Day Fitness Challenge, this is what you’ll learn...

  • How to Plan, Create, Build and Adjust your Exercise program and Routine Step-by-Step using the 3R Method 
  • The four most important types of exercises you need and how to incorporate them into your program and workout routine  
  • How workouts like HIIT and Tabata increase stress on the body making it difficult to lose body fat
  • The three Must Have Workouts you need and how to use them to maximize your results 
  • The 5 biggest workout mistakes that will prevent you from losing body fat and how to avoid them  
  • The four phases of a workout and why you need them as part of your exercise program
  • The best type of workout(s) to do for your body type
  • The most effective type of workout for shaping, toning, and firming
  • What is the best time of day to work out for your to maximize your results and why
  • How to stay motivated and keep your workouts interesting so you don’t get bored
  • How to get back on track if you fall off without feeling guilty (even if you think you can’t)
  • How tracking your progress can help with motivation and what you can do to stay focused on your goal(s)

And GET EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to Me, where you can Ask questions and get the answers Live! 

And a Private Community where…

The only question I have is, are you up for the challenge?

3-30 Minute Workouts,
3 Days/Week for 30 Days

How it works:

In just 30 days of doing the 3 & 30-Day fitness challange, you’ll accomplish more for your Fitness than most achieve all year long.

Step: 1 set your FITNESS Goal

 You’ll learn how to set specific and realistic fitness goal(s) AND create the fitness program and workout routine you need to do to achieve it. 

step:2 design your program

 3 & 30-Day Fitness Challenge exercise library, templates an guides to help build your fitness program.

Step:3 build your routine

 3 & 30-Day Fitness Challenge Workout Routine Builder and guide to help you build your fitness routine.


Ditch the random and inconsistent workouts that may work temporarily, BUT are not Unique, tailored and designed specifically to help you reach your goal.

You'll also:

Discover the three things you need to develop a Fitness Mindset (It's not what you think).

Learn which exercises you need to toss out of your current routine and, which workouts you need to incorporate to reach your goal.

Learn what supplements you need to supply your body with necessary nutrients to recover and replenish your energy stores and shrink your waistline.

How to get back on track if you fall off without feeling guilty (even if you think you can't)

And so much more

Rachael Hultz

Meet your Coach


My name is Rachael,

I am passionate about helping women struggling to lose weight, overcome diet, fitness and mindset struggles that prevent them from living their best life, healthy, fit, and free!

I hold a MS in Exercise Science & Health Promotion, Wellness & Fitness, advanced studies degree in Sports Psychology, certified Metabolic Balance® Nutrition and Women’s Hormone Health and Wellness Coach. And certified Fitness Professional with the National Academy of Sports Medicine in Performance Enhancement and Corrective Exercise.

Why I Created The 3 & 30 -Day Fitness Challenge:

I created the 3 & 30-Day Fitness to help you cut through the clutter, get rid of overwhelm and conflicting information about exercise, fitness routines, fat loss, and building lean muscle so you can finally take control of your fitness goals, create an effective exercise program and fitness routine to help you improve your health, get in shape, lose excess body fat, and build lean muscle so you can – look and feel like your absolute best ENJOY LIFE and LIVE WELL!  

BUT, I can’t do it without you…

It all starts with you making the commitment to move your health, well-being, and fitness from the backburner all the way to front and center for the next 30 days.

Once you make the commitment, the magic starts happening! 

Dig in and Trust the Process…

You won’t regret it! 



Telling Testimonies...

Rachael is the BEST personal trainer I have ever worked with. She is truly a master of her craft. Her passion for health, fitness and helping people shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly fun! She places a high value on correct form with each exercise and she motivates you to push past your limits and achieve results you never though were possible. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge, integrity and commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect combination for success and sets the foundation for a new healthier lifestyle! Rachael is the standard by which any trainer should be measured. Highly Recommended!! Diane H.
I worked out with Rachael for a total of about 3 years. I only stopped 2 days before I gave birth (literally) because I’m now busy with baby. I love working out with her. I’ve never been as fit and skinny. Some days were harder than others. When I was pregnant, I thought everything was going to be lighter and easier. Luckily because I was working with an expert that wasn’t the case. You’d be surprised how much a pregnant woman can do even at 9 months. She truly tailors your workout to exactly what you’re trying to accomplish with your goals. I hope one day when I have the time, babysitter and 14-month-old not hanging off my leg, I can go back to her.
She’s truly 1 in a Million. Jade L.

Here's what's waiting for you inside the CHALLENGE

[Bonus #1] 3 & 30-Day Fitness Challenge Program Creator and Fitness Routine Builder

Done-for-You Fitness Program and Workout Routine Guide along with a PDF fillable exercise program and workout routine planner and builder to customize and build your fitness program and workout routine. ($1500 Value)

[Bonus #2] Weekly Live Q&A

Live Q&A's for you to Ask questions and learn the truth behind fitness myths, facts, and more.
Some of the topics that will be discussed are: Sets, Reps , Weight, Tempo & Timing, Rest & Recovery, and Replenishment, Cortisol and Belly Fat, Breaking through Plateaus, Supplements, BMI & Body Fat ($720 Value)

[Bonus #3] Meal Prep Made Easy! Resource Guide

Preparation is the key to a sustainable healthy eating routine-just like your fitness routine. When you have A Plan, you're intentional about what goes into your body and less likely to make poor food choices.  Meal Prep Made Easy! will guide you through the process of being intentional so you can stop guessing about what to eat and how much to prepare. ($150 Value)

[Bonus #4] Smoothie Recipes

You’ll receive printable smoothie recipes you can use to help fuel and replenish your body before and after your workouts! (FREE)

[Bonus #5] Accelerate Your Weight Loss-Done-for-You Program and Routine

You’ll also receive a printable Fat Loss Accelerator Exercise Program to add to your fitness program and library ($350 Value)

[Bonus #6] Access SHEZFIT™ to Mobile App

Take progress photos and track our workouts, sleep quality, water intake and Leaderboard ($150 Value)

Creating your own fitness program isn’t the only thing you can expect to get from this challenge:

NATURAL energy without reaching for that afternoon cup of joe or soda

Deep, peaceful sleep – no more tossing, turning and restlessness!

Renewed focus and mental clarity and confidence

A natural mood boost!

Looking radiant and feeling rejuvenated both inside and out!


Heck Yeah! I am ready for MY Booty Poppin', Jaw Droppin' Bangin Body!



Level Up Your Workouts with SHEZFIT™ Lower Body/Booty Resistance Bands for Women

Tone, Sculpt & Strengthen your Lower Body/Booty  in as little as 30 minutes a Day!


“In seven days, I lost inches off my waist. I feel incredible, and my clothes are starting to fit so much better. This is a big change from the fitness challenges I have done in the past. It feels good to have control over my exercise program and workout routine.”
“The biggest challenge for me was to change my mindset. I used to think all I had to do was to workout all the time to get results! Thanks to the tips in the 3 & 30-Day Fitness Challenge, I learned how to create my own exercise program that works for me and my lifestyle. It's challenging, fun and easy to follow and stay on track. Thank you so much for changing my life.”

Let’s make sure I answer most of your questions, shall we?

Yes. I am well versed in exercise science, exercise physiology and human anatomy. I have written hundreds of exercise programs over the course of 20 yrs in the fitness industry -from general health and fitness, post-rehabilitation, to pregnancy, post pregnancy athletic performance and more. In addition, I hold a MS in Exercise Science & Health Promotion, Wellness & Fitness, advanced studies degree in Sports Psychology and I am a certified Fitness Professional with the National Academy of Sports Medicine in Performance Enhancement and Corrective Exercise.

If you already have a exercise program and workout routine that you like and are seeing results that’s even better! What you will learn during the challenge will help you to improve and refine what you already have! You’ll save time and become  more focused during your workouts which will help you to get to your goal Faster and maintain your results!

Results are not always measured in inches and pounds lost so it really depends on your fitness goal. For some, the goal may be to get motivated to start exercising again,  improve flexibility, reduce their medication, to sleep better, or to learn something new. For others, the goal may be to lose 5-10lbs, which is definitely possible if you are consistent with your workout program and routine and implement the strategies and tips taught during the challenge.  

The 3 & 30-Day Fitness Challenge is about teaching you how to create a exercise program and workout routine – That Works! So you can improve your overall health and well-being and reach your fitness goals without feeling overwhelmed or defeated. For best results, it is recommended that you commit to the challenge, complete all your workouts, eat a nutritionally balanced meal plan and drink the recommended amount of water during the challenge. 

It is recommend that you consult with you doctor or medically trained professional prior to beginning any exercise program.

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