7-Days of Mindful Habits

Create healthy habits and become more aware and appreciative of positive life experiences

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Do you feel like your physical and emotional health is need of a major overhaul?

Do you have health goals, but don’t know how to achieve them?

Tap into your natural inner stability and resourcefulness, so you can manage life more easily and be more appreciative and aware of positive life experiences


Access the 7-Day Mindful Habits Mini Course and start creating new habits that will lead to increased well-being, resiliency and a healthier life.

Imagine how you’ll feel when you can…

  • Be mindful about your thoughts, and consciously aware of how they are affecting how you approach your day.
  • Finally establish consistent habits and routines that improve all areas of your life.
  • Actively choose to think positive thoughts that move you closer towards your goals and heal past wounds.
  • Feel confident and grateful for the life you live on a deep and unconditional level that keeps you strong even when you are facing a struggle.

Adopt a mindful healthy habit routine and get back on track to better health and happiness

No more guessing about what you need to reach your goals or how to do it. The 7-Day Mindful Habits Mini Course will help you create and design a healthy habits routine that works for you, and your lifestyle. 

7-Day Mindful Habits Mini Course


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Shezzfit Rachael Hultz Holistic Health Coach

Meet the Coach

Hi, I’m Rachael!

I’m a Holistic Lifestyle Health and Fitness Professional who’s helped hundreds of women reclaim their health through mindset, nutrition, and fitness education and implementation.

I hold a BS Business Administration in Accountancy, MS in Exercise Science & Health Promotion, Wellness & Fitness, advanced studies degree in Sports Psychology, certified Metabolic Balance® Coach Fitness Professional with the National Academy of Sports Medicine in Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement and Practitioner Member of the North American Menopause Society.

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